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At Carbone Plumbing and heating, we want to make sure you have the best knowledge and your air conditioning equipment can receive the best care possible.

For air conditioning equipment it is suggested that you would have a minimum of two visits per year: once to evaluate your heating equipment and once for your cooling equipment. It may be necessary to have more than two visits based on how your equipment is used, or if your equipment is in a particularly “dirty” environment.

Some preventive care that can be done is to have us check all of your electrical connections, measuring voltage and current. Faulty electrical connections can cause overload and equipment burn-out, making the operation of your system unsafe.

A way we can help reduce wear and create a more energy efficient system is to lubricate all moving parts so friction is reduced.

If a drain is plugged it can result in water damage which can create mold and poor air quality so it is important to have the condensate drain inspected and cleared.

One of the most important checks you can have done is the Diagnostic Start and Test, it will help reveal any irregularities in the system before something occurs.

Some other simple things you can do to help with energy efficiency and air quality is to check your thermostat settings and inspect, clean, or change air filters.

For Cooling Equipment:

For cooling equipment you should always make sure to have a clean evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils, as well as having your refrigerant levels checked and your blower components cleaned/adjusted.

For Heating Equipment:

For heating equipment it is important to check and clean all gas or oil connections, gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger. In addition to inspecting and changing the components necessary, you should also have your oil filter assembly changed and leaks on boilers checked.
All of these things will increase your energy efficiency and keep your system running better for longer.